6 Undeniable Benefits of Salesforce “Communities” Web Portals

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The creation of a customer and / or partner community portal extends the rich insights provided by a CRM database to external users, and it's a key way to run a better business with Salesforce. Employee Communities are also a growing way businesses are providing more effective channels for their employees to communicate with each other. [...]

8 Marketing Reports Every Business Needs

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How do you measure marketing success? The short answer is "reporting." Good marketing reports allow you to digest complex analytics to give you actionable snapshots of your campaigns and marketing ROI as a whole. There's two categories of reports you'll need to effectively report on marketing: those for your boss and those for your marketing team. [...]

You implemented Salesforce. Now what?

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One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding Salesforce (or any major new technology investment) is that once it's implemented, it will simply take off on its own. However, this is typically not the case. Salesforce is a journey, and the success of that journey is largely dependent on how you support your team during post implementation. [...]

How to Develop a Winning Pardot Implementation Strategy

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If you’re planning to implement Pardot, make sure you develop an implementation strategy. Sure, you can configure Pardot quickly and start launching marketing campaigns right away. But a shotgun style approach with no strategy can often cause frustrating results. You will want to carefully consider your goals, plans, challenges and timelines to truly be successful. [...]

Top 5 Dreamforce 2015 Tips

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We're using the hashtag #powerofdo to talk about specific ways to take great ideas from Dreamforce and make them a reality. What will you DO about it?! Dreamforce is once again upon us and the event promises to deliver on yet more exictement and innovation from Salesforce. We want to make sure you go home [...]

A Dream Come True Tech Convention: Dreamforce 2015

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If you've been on the fence about whether Salesforce is right for your company, then plan a trip to San Francisco Sept. 15-18 for Dreamforce 2015, and let the world of innovation and possibilities help you decide. Dreamforce will give prospective users a glimpse into the vast capabilities of the Salesforce platform and allow you to see [...]

Top Success Tips for Salesforce and Pardot Integration

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Gaining a complete 360-degree view of your prospects and customers is essential for today's top marketers. This is often achieved by a combination of technology systems that include CRM and marketing automation. Since there's usually not one specific "all in one" technology that works for all organizations, integration of your key business apps becomes critical. [...]

3 Ways Disparate Business Systems are Costing You Deals!

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Great business systems provide value by managing data and workflows that streamline processes and pave the way for tons of insights guiding your everyday and strategic business decisions. Many organizations use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) like Salesforce as their contact management solution. However, they don’t prioritize integration of their CRM with other business systems [...]

Nuvem Consulting Expands CPQ Software Services

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SteelBrick Partnership Widens Nuvem’s Portfolio of Configure Price Quote Solutions Nuvem Consulting has partnered with SteelBrick to expand configure-price-quote software consulting capabilities on the Salesforce platform. CPQ software can rapidly transform how your sales team provides pricing and quotes to customers, streamlining your sales process and increasing your close ratio. Reducing the time it takes to [...]

Customer Story: How to Drive Salesforce Adoption from the Top Down

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Strong Salesforce adoption is the cornerstone of a successful implementation and ongoing ROI. The higher your adoption rate, the higher ROI you will likely get from the system. Provide and Communicate Value Gaining executive buy in is crucial in order to promote and increase end user adoption. And it’s not just about creating a “big [...]