What is Lead-to-Cash?

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Many businesses today are looking for an “all-in-one” solution for their business apps. They understand the complexities and pain that goes with systems that aren’t integrated and the data silos that are created when different departments each have their own preferred technology. Data and application silos create process inefficiencies all the way from lead generation [...]

5 Top FAQs and Tips on Salesforce Campaigns

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Salesforce Sales Cloud is a robust platform with a multitude of capabilities for managing and growing the sales function. But it can and should also be used by marketing teams for closed-loop reporting. During a recent webinar on the "Top 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing Automation ROI," we reviewed sales enablement and closed-loop [...]

How to Drive Change to Reach Greater Salesforce Success

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In today’s competitive climate, if you’re not innovating, you’re falling behind. But it’s no easy feat to successfully leverage technology to grow your business. Overcoming change is a barrier to your success with any new business technology investment. You can have the greatest technology in the world but if your people aren’t using the system [...]

The Vital Role Discovery Plays to Your Salesforce Success

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Discovery remains one of the most overlooked and often undervalued steps to the success of Salesforce implementation. That goes for core products like Sales Cloud, Pardot and Communities, and some larger AppExchange apps such as Steelbrick. The role that discovery plays to your success is extremely critical, and dedicating the time and resources to a [...]

Top 10 Pardot Mistakes to Stop Making in 2016

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1. No clear profiles or personas Developing content that speaks to your buyers is crucial in conveying the trust, authority and thought leadership necessary to win customers over in a competitive market. Your success with Pardot is largely based on your success with content marketing, which must begin with the development of customer profiles or [...]

6 Salesforce Mistakes to Stop Making in 2016

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It's a new year and what better time than to re-evaluate how Salesforce is supporting your organization's growth and profitability. These top Salesforce mistakes can lead to significant problems with your ROI but can be corrected with the right strategy and commitment. 1. No Center of Excellence Your Salesforce Center of Excellence should include the [...]

8 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Salesforce Consultant

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Do-it-yourself Salesforce implementation is tempting. Yes, there are some organizations that successfully self-implement Salesforce, often with the help of an experienced administrator.  But much more commonly, DIY Salesforce implementation leads to lackluster results, and sometimes customers even question if Salesforce was the right choice. There are many reasons Salesforce is by far the best value in [...]

How to Build a Partner Portal in 30 Days Using Salesforce Communities

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Remember when it took many long, painstaking months to build a Web portal for your customers? A partner portal wasn’t even in the conversation. All that has changed now with the Salesforce platform. In 2013, Salesforce launched its “Salesforce Communities” product that extends an organization’s CRM database to external users such as customers and partners [...]

ICYMI: 5 Things You Need to Know About the New Salesforce Lightning Experience

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In case you missed it, Salesforce made a BIG announcement Tuesday. In fact, Salesforce executives said repeatedly that introducing the new “Lightning” Customer Experience was the biggest announcement in the company’s history! Lightning is the product of a multi-year project to redesign the user interface customers have long complained about. But Lightning goes so much [...]

How to Streamline Channel Partner Sales with Salesforce Communities

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If your company has an indirect sales channel such as a dealer network or agents who resell your products and services, Salesforce Partner Communities is a compelling tool to collaborate with partners on opportunities and share resources. Communities, along with Sales Cloud CRM and Pardot, enable sales and marketing activities at your company to sync [...]