How to Build a Partner Portal in 30 Days Using Salesforce Communities

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Remember when it took many long, painstaking months to build a Web portal for your customers? A partner portal wasn’t even in the conversation. All that has changed now with the Salesforce platform. In 2013, Salesforce launched its “Salesforce Communities” product that extends an organization’s CRM database to external users such as customers and partners [...]

How to Streamline Channel Partner Sales with Salesforce Communities

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If your company has an indirect sales channel such as a dealer network or agents who resell your products and services, Salesforce Partner Communities is a compelling tool to collaborate with partners on opportunities and share resources. Communities, along with Sales Cloud CRM and Pardot, enable sales and marketing activities at your company to sync [...]

6 Undeniable Benefits of Salesforce “Communities” Web Portals

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The creation of a customer and / or partner community portal extends the rich insights provided by a CRM database to external users, and it's a key way to run a better business with Salesforce. Employee Communities are also a growing way businesses are providing more effective channels for their employees to communicate with each other. [...]

Six Clear Signs Your Business Needs Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation has become a marketing mega trend in the past 3-5 years. Marketing automation powerhouses such as Pardot, Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot and ActOn have all grown substantially in a short period of time. Why? It’s all about the data. Big data that is. Marketing automation powers your sales and marketing teams with intelligence about [...]

Nuvem Consulting Expands CPQ Software Services

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SteelBrick Partnership Widens Nuvem’s Portfolio of Configure Price Quote Solutions Nuvem Consulting has partnered with SteelBrick to expand configure-price-quote software consulting capabilities on the Salesforce platform. CPQ software can rapidly transform how your sales team provides pricing and quotes to customers, streamlining your sales process and increasing your close ratio. Reducing the time it takes to [...]

8 Critical Reasons Your CRM Adoption is Low

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At a high level, organizations experiencing low CRM adoption typically aren’t working with a system that truly fits their needs. It may sound simple, but if your users don’t see value in their participation, either with increased sales, or more efficiency in their day, they won’t use it. Similarly, if your executive team doesn’t get [...]

5 Critical Mistakes During Salesforce Implementation (And How to Avoid Them)

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If you’re getting ready to implement Salesforce, you’ve probably already invested a lot of time and money in making sure the solution works well for your business. Understanding critical mistakes that other customers have made during implementation can be helpful in making sure you avoid common roadblocks that delay ROI. 1. Inadequate discovery Companies implementing [...]

How to Run A Better Business with Salesforce

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No one can blame us for loving the "one-stop-shop" concept. As corporate retail giants such as Amazon continue to grow, we have come to enjoy the convenience and simplicity of getting it all under one roof. And the business software world is catching on, especially if you’re a Salesforce customer. The Customer Success Platform Using [...]

How Energy Sector OEMs Can Increase Profitability

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For those of us working in the energy industry, especially if you’re challenged with today’s low natural gas prices, efficiency means everything. Efficiency drives greater profitability and greater success. It impacts every aspect of business, from marketing, to sales, to operations, customer service and accounting. Improving efficiency means taking a good hard look at your [...]

Why You Need a Salesforce Consultant

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As a business leader, you have a vision for what you want from Salesforce. You have things to do. Goals to achieve. Numbers to hit. But with all the capabilities Salesforce offers in products such as Sales Cloud, achieving that vision can sometimes take a little fine tuning. One of the reasons Sales Cloud is [...]