How to Build a Revenue Funnel in Salesforce

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A revenue funnel can help answer one of the most critical sales and marketing questions: how do my leads become closed-won deals? A revenue funnel is not a marketing funnel, nor is it a sales funnel. A revenue funnel spans the entire customer acquisition process, end to end. It’s how today’s high-performing organizations are measuring [...]

5 Reasons to Adopt a Cloud CRM in Today’s Digital Climate

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How do you collect and store information on new leads, and existing customers and accounts? If you’re still working in spreadsheets, Outlook address books or legacy “premise-based” customer relationship management systems such as Act! or GoldMine, you’re not alone. As more customers interact with your sales and marketing team digitally by accessing content online or [...]

Enable Deeper ROI Reporting with Expense Management Software

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Does your sales team keep track of expenses on spreadsheets, referring back to crumpled up receipts from last week’s trip? While many companies adpot high-tech solutions to support various aspects of the sales role, expense management often falls to the wayside. Entering receipt totals and flight details into a spreadsheet eats up time. Sales team [...]

4 Key Reasons to Use Salesforce Leads vs Contacts

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After reading this blog, you should be able to understand the following concepts: The difference between Leads and Contacts in Salesforce The benefits of differentiating Leads from Contacts in Salesforce Why Leads and Contacts are important for marketing reports in Salesforce Salesforce Leads vs Contacts - it’s a topic that often yields many questions. We [...]

Dreamforce ‘16 Recap: 5 Things Marketers Learned

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1. Lifecycle marketing improves customer experience, drives growth and creates loyalty Today’s marketers have experienced an unprecedented shift in their responsibilities, goals and KPIs. Josh London, CMO at IDG, may have said it best: we used to live in the age of “chief megaphone officer” but now we are “in charge of growth more than ever [...]

How to Run Your Business on Salesforce

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There are thousands of options on the market today for business management software. Many, if not most, of these options were developed to solve challenges related to a niche focus such as a specific business area or industry. But a key problem has persisted for those organizations that don't look at the big picture and consider how these [...]